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Flowers Name In English & Odia

All flowers name in Odia and English

Flowers name in Odia And English fula name in Englsih all flowers name
Flowers name in Odia And English fula name in Englsih all flowers name

Rose -                    Golapa

China Rose -         Mandara

Water Lily -           Kai

Lotus -                   Padma

Butterfly Pea -      Aprajita

Jasmine -               jui

GoldMohur -         KrushnaChuda

Marigold -              Gendu

TubeRose -             RajaniGandha

SunFlower -           SuryaMukhi

Champak -            Champa

Moon Beam -         Tagara

Datura -                  Dudura

Dhak -                     Palasa

Balsam -                  Haragoura

Yellow Oleander - Kaniari

Zinnia -                   Jania

Gardenia -              Sugandharaja

Tecoma -                 Taraata

Crown Flower -      Arakha

White Tulup -         Malli

Night Jasmine -      Sefali

Passion Flower -    Radhatamala

Queen Of Night -   Hena

Arabian Jasmine - Juhi Malli

Blue Water Lilly -  Nila Kai

Daisy -                     Chandra Mallika

Golden Champa -  Swarna Champa

Canna -                   Sarbajaya

Sun Flower -          Surya Mukhi

Jasmine -                Malati

Oleander -             Karabira

Bud -                       Kadha

Filament -               Kesara

Stem -                     Kanda

Pollen -                   Pusparenu

Petal -                     Puspapakhuda

Garland -               PuspaMalla

FlowerBed -           Fulakunda

Kia -                       Kewda

Bougainvillea -       KagajaPhula

Daisy -                     Jai Phula

StarMoney Flower Dhatura Phula

Aster -                     Dalia Phula

Daffodils -               Yellow Nargis

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Suppose Flower - Flower Is A Type Of Thing Which Is Used For Many Purposes . We Use Flower For Worship To God .Many Times Flowers Also Used For Medicinal Purposes . Bees Are Collecting Honey From Flower . Flower Also Used For Decoration In Our Day Today Life .In The Time Of Marriage Ceremoney Flowers Are Used To Decorate All These Things Which Is Looking Very Attract . There Are Many Types Of Flowers Among Them Our Team Brings Many Of The Flower Name And Their Name In Odia And Odia Pronounciation Of Flower In English Scripted . So That People Can Easily Tell The Flower Name Properly . Many People Are Don't Know About The  Flower Name And There Benefits So We Brings Many Flower Name In Both Odia And English Language For Which Both Odia People And English Know People Will Be Helpful And Use TheName Of Flower According To The Country Or States they Currently Here . They WillNot Feel Difficult To Use THe Name Of Flower Name In Both Odia And English Name .Here We Used TO Bring All Flower Name In Odia And Their English Name & English Name Flower To OdiaLanguage Flower Name .

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