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Planets Name In Odia And English

planets name in odia and english graha names in english odia

Sun                Surjya

Mercury       Budha

Venus            Sukra

Mars              Mangala

Earth             Pruthibi

Jupiter          Bruhaspati

Saturn           Sani

Neptune        Ketu

Uranus          Uranus

Mercury Planets Name In Odia Is Budha .

Mars Planets Name In Odia Is Mangala.

Venus Planets Name In Odia Sukra.

Neptune Planets In Odia Ketu.

Jupiter Planets Name In Odia Bruhaspati .

Uranus Planet Name In Odia 

Smallest Planets In Odia Budha / Mercury

Biggest Planets In Odia Bruhaspati /Jupiter

Red Planets Is Mars / Mangala

Neptune Planet Is The Coldest Planet .

Solar System Is Consist Of Sun And All Of Its Planets Satelite Astroeids Etc Togetherly . There Are Total 8 Number Of Planets Revolve Around The Sun .Before 2006 Pluto Also Named As Planets But Now Pluto Is Not Consider As Planet As It Has Not Suffiecient Gravity/Dwarf Planets . Moon Is Earths Natural Satelite That Revolve Around The Earth . Blue Planet Name Is Neptune .

Here Fun Odia Fun Brings All The Planets Name In Both Odia And English Language . Here In This Article All Planets Of Sun Descriped In English And In Odia To Understand The Odia People And English People Properly .Planets Name In Odia All Planets Name In Odia And English 9 Planets NAme Solar System In Odia For THe Betterness Of The Solar System .

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